Oregon Green Free Terms of Service



Updated March 2014


1. Membership

A. If you are a registered OMMP cardholder, you are eligible to become an Oregon Green Free verified member.

B. Paid members are allowed to attend OGF events and access OGF private forums where you may network with other cardholders, request clones or medical cannabis, learn about medical cannabis through OGF's vast library of information, and much more.

C. Only the specific OGF verified OMMP cardholder may use his or her verified OGF account.

D. OGF reserves the right to refuse service and/or cancel a membership at any time.

2. Medicine, Clones and Seeds

A. Other than a transfer taking place at a state-licensed medical marijuana facility (MMF), the act of selling cannabis or trading cannabis for consideration is illegal in the state of Oregon and under federal law.

B. OMMP cardholders may freely give genetics or medical cannabis to another OMMP cardholder as allowed under Oregon law.

C. OGF forbids all members from soliciting consideration when responding to a medical cannabis request or announcing the availability of excess medical cannabis, including reimbursable expenses under ORS 475.304(7). This applies to private messages, chat, and forum posts.

D. OGF forbids all members from asking for medical cannabis in the public forums. Medical cannabis requests are only allowed in the “Med Requests” forum, located inside the “OMMP Green Room.” The “Green Room” is only accessible to verified OGF members. Each member may have only one request for medical cannabis open at any time. When a request is filled, it is the responsibility of the requesting member to report the request as filled.

E. OGF forbids all members from asking for cannabis genetics, whether in clone or seed form, in the public forums. Clone and seed requests are only allowed in the “Clone Room” or “Seed Room,” located inside the “OMMP Green Room” forum. When a request is filled, it is the responsibility of the requesting member to report the request as filled.

F. OGF does not guarantee the availability of medical cannabis or genetics. OGF is not responsible for any requests or the quality of any medical cannabis or genetics received. Members are responsible for privately arranging ALL the details for setting up meetings with other members.

G. OGF does not provide medical cannabis or genetics to our members or anyone else, our members do so.

H. Sending or receiving cannabis in any form through the U.S. Postal Service or any other third party delivery service is illegal and prohibited.

I. No discussions of engaging in any illegal activity will be allowed on oregongreenfree.com (or .us, .info, .org, .net sites). This includes, but is not limited to, buying cannabis in any form from any source other than a state-licensed MMF; selling cannabis in any form to anyone other than a state-licensed MMF; transporting cannabis in any form across state borders; shipping cannabis by any means; or encouraging others to engage in illegal activity.

*J. Posting of links to websites that engage in illegal cannabis commerce is not allowed. Posting contact information for businesses that engage in illegal cannabis commerce is not allowed.

3. Privacy

A. OGF members have an expectation of privacy. In order to protect that privacy, no posting of contact information (address, email, phone, etc.) or actual identities will be allowed in the forums.

B. Exchanges of contact information will be allowed only through private messages.

C. Members will not provide any contact or identity information of another member to a third party without consent of the member.

4. Etiquette

A. Be kind and respectful of one another. Do not make posts that attack another member, or start topics designed to disparage other members in any way. This applies to all areas of the OGF website, including, but not limited to, the chat room and opt-in forums like “Rough & Ready.”

B. If you are having a dispute with another member, please try to resolve it via private message or email, and/or bring the issue to the attention of OGF staff. Never air disagreements or disputes in the public forums

C. If you are having a caregiver/patient/grower disagreement with another member, mediation services through OGF are available.

D. Site disputes and problems with any of the site staff or moderators are to be brought to the attention of OGF staff by private message and not addressed on the open forums.

E. Inappropriate Screen Names and Avatars will be removed or changed at the discretion of OGF Staff.

F. Language and conduct should be appropriate for a medical forum. There are opt-in forums where these rules are more relaxed.

G. You may not block any OGF Staff from sending you private messages.

H. OGF’s staff works hard, strictly on a voluntary basis, and deserves your respect. Do not flame or argue with a moderator or admin over a moderating decision. If you disagree with a decision made by an OGF Staff member you are encouraged to report that matter to the OGF Board of Directors privately.

I. Do not publish private messages (PMs) in the forums without the permission of all parties concerned. Do not forward private messages to third parties without permission of all parties concerned. General topics from private messages may be discussed, but publishing specifics from private messages is not allowed.

J. Private forums are just that, PRIVATE. Please do not broadcast to other forums or boards what you read in the private forums. It is not only a violation of this ToS, it is also against the law.

K. You may not make reference to a member's disability to hurt them, and you may not imply that there is something mentally wrong with them. This includes statements like "please get help".

5. Advertising

A. All verified OGF members may post legal items for sale in the Classifieds forum, located within the “Green Room.” The Classifieds are restricted to private party postings only. No commercial postings are allowed without prior written approval from OGF.

B. No ads, or links to ads, shall be posted pertaining to garden supply resellers, gardening consultants, other cultivation services, cannabis co-ops, dispensaries, or clubs on this site without prior written permission from OGF.

C. Any and all businesses must have written permission from OGF to post any ads and must do so within the limits specified.

D. Anyone wanting to advertise a non-OGF sponsored event must receive permission in advance from the BoD before posting.

6. General

A. The expressed views of the message author are not necessarily the views of OGF. Any user who feels that a posted message is objectionable is encouraged to contact OGF staff immediately by using the report system on the site or by email or personal message.

B. You agree, through your use of this service, that you will not use this forum to post any material which is knowingly false and/or defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, vulgar, hateful, harassing, obscene, profane, threatening, invasive of a member's privacy, or otherwise in violation of any law.

C. You agree not to post any copyrighted material unless the copyright is owned by you or proper credit and citation is made to the copyright owner.

D. You agree not to post any animated graphics that may trigger seizures. Graphics flashing 3 or more times per second are known to trigger seizures.

E. All content on the site, including, but not limited to, posts, chats, and uploaded pictures or attachments, is property of OGF. OGF reserves the right to alter, close, or remove any content on the site

F. Photography, filming, or recording by any means is expressly prohibited at OGF events. Permission may be sought before any photography, filming, or recording is undertaken for exceptions from this policy for specific and limited purposes. Permission must also be obtained from anyone who may be part of any photography, filming, or recording. OGF retains all rights of use and production of any photography, filming, or recording made at OGF events unless otherwise explicitly stated.

G. Violation of ANY of these policies will result in an infraction and/or a cancellation of membership without refund.

H. Any infraction or cancellation of membership may be appealed to the OGF Board of Directors for review. During any such review, the action being appealed will stand unless and until that action is overturned."


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