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There are 3 main user levels at OGF consisting of: Newbies, Members, and Verified Members. Here is what each level consists of and the requirements needed to change user levels.



A "Newbie" is someone who has only created an account with a confirmed E-Mail address. This is the most restricted user level.

- Can view all non-private forums, but can only post in "Newbie" Forums.



A Member has proven that they are a legal Oregon resident. This means that they have proven that they are a legal Oregon resident by mailing, faxing, or emailing a photocopy or scan of their Oregon Drivers License (ODL) OR Oregon ID Card (OID).

- All "Newbie" Privileges.
- Can post in all Non-Private forums.
- Arcade
- Private Messaging (PMs) with a mailbox size of 30 PMs.
- Can add Attachments to posts.


Verified Members

A Verified Member is a person who has paid the membership fee and proven that they have a current legal Oregon Medical Marijuana Progam (OMMP) card issued by the Department of Human Services (DHS) in Oregon. They have proven their legal status by emailing, faxing, or mailing a photocopy or scan of their ODL/OID AND their letter of verification from DHS, or official current OMMP card. This ensures other Verified Members on the board that they are a legal participant in the OMMP program and it is safe to aide them with medical marijuana and the cultivation thereof.

- All "Member" privileges
- Posting in all Private Forums a.k.a. "the Green Room"
- Can opt into special private rooms such as "politics and religion", "Rough & Ready" and more!
- Private Messaging (PMs) with mailbox size of 300 PMs.
- Access to "Flashchat", a realtime chatting program.
- Additionally, Verified Members receive discounts on ALL EVENTS, CLASSES, and SUPPLIES offered via OGFs own discount grow store, GGS.
All verified members have a green key Green Key Picture in their user profile and in every post they make located right under their user name. This helps to easily identify all verified members to the other verified members. NEVER AIDE A NEWBIE OR MEMBER with marijuana-related issues or you will be in violation of OMMP law and OGFs Terms of Service (TOS) Agreement that you agreed to when signing up for access. We are a law-abiding community and will NOT tolerate illegal activities via this site. It is up to you to verify that someone is a Verified Member BEFORE helping them.


How to send in your information to become a "Member" or "Verified Member"

There are 3 ways of contacting OGF to become a "Member" or "Verified Member". Please remember to include your user name! 


1) Call for assistance: 503-433-4713 (or)

2) Mail a photocopy or scan to Oregon Green Free to:


Oregon Green Free
c/o Green Room Guy

PMB #156

2459 SE Tualatin Velley Hwy

Hillsboro, OR, 97123-1247


How to Purchase a Membership (for Verified Members Only)

Single Monthly Membership ($5/month)
Single Quarterly Membership ($15.00/quarter)
Single Semi-annual Membership ($30/6 months) 
Single Yearly Membership ($60/year)

Combo* Monthly Membership ($7.50/month)
Single Quarterly Membership ($22.50/quarter)
Single Semi-annual Membership ($45/6 months)  
Combo* Yearly Membership ($90/year)


Combo Memberships are only available to OMMP couples and significant others residing at same address.

Privacy Statement

Oregon Green Free does not share any personal information found within any documents sent, documents are destroyed after verification.


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